Band Profiles

Band Profiles

Vocals, lead guitar, song writer.

Wayne, aged 39, grew up in Ramsgate. He first learnt to play guitar and drums at school and went on to study Music Technology at Canterbury Technical College.
Wayne grew up listening to bands like The Beatles, Queen and Oasis.
Wayne and his close friend Jude had a chance conversation about a drum kit, which led to the creation of the band and logo over a beer in the pub.

Having created the band, Wayne and Jude started out playing covers for a year or so, with popular songs such as Smells like Teen Spirit by Nirvana, Alright Now by Free, Superstitious by Stevie Wonder and Run To You by Bryan Adams.

Having a head full of lyrics of their own the decision was made to move away from covers and they set about writing and playing their own stuff.

At this point the band grew with the addition of Greg on Bass and temporarily Curt on Drums.

When Jude and Curt stepped away from the band, it opened up the need for a replacement guitarist and drummer, leading to new members Dave, James and Dan.

Wayne’s influences are Nirvana, Chris Stapleton, Kings of Leon and Foo Fighters.


Greg, aged 42, originally from London, grew up in Ramsgate.

During college he and his brother James and a few friends formed a band called Bronze Octopus, where Greg taught himself to play the Bass. The band met regularly to jam but never performed live and split a few years later.

Greg met The SuperMicks after going to a local pub to support his old school friend Jude who was performing live in the band. It was here Greg first met Wayne.

The band were operating as a trio at that time, and were on the look out for a bassist and that night a few mutual friends suggested Greg was just the man for the job. After a few weeks Greg caught up with the band informally and soon after started attending rehearsal sessions regularly. In a few short months Greg was playing live alongside the band.

Greg’s influences are Nirvana, Mark Lanegan, QOTSA, Alice in Chains, Built to Spill and Foo Fighters.

Rhythm/Lead Guitar

Dave started playing guitar in his teens, and is entirely self taught. He also plays the banjo!  He has a huge passion for live music and is a regular on the local music scene, supporting his son’s musical journey, the up and coming Luke J Dorman, and it was through these connections he discovered The SuperMicks. Dave admits he loved the SuperMicks music from the outset and caught most of their gigs after that. TSM were looking for another guitarist and so after a couple of successful  rehearsals, Dave officially joined the band. Dave is no stranger to playing live, and was previously in a band called Ram. 

Dave’s musical influences are The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, The Who and Sex Pistols.

Rhythm Guitar

James who was born in London, but moved to Ramsgate in his youth, is the brother of the bands bassist Greg.

James started playing guitar when he and Greg formed the band Bronze Octopus as teenagers. 

James has continued playing guitar most of his adult life, but just as a hobby. 

He joined The SuperMicks to play Rhythm, after Jude stepped away.

He has quickly picked up all the songs and has played several gigs with the band.

James’s influences are Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, QOTSA and Queen. 


Dan, the youngest of The SuperMicks, aged 25, is currently studying Commercial Music at Canterbury Christ Church University. His interest in music began at just 3 yrs old. He has been actively involved in music all through school playing guitar and drums, joining bands and performing. Since leaving school he has continued in all sorts of music projects, was in the band King for a Day for 3 years and has recently formed the band Delicia as well as Dep drumming for others too.

Dan’s music influences are The Rolling Stones, Foo Fighters, Airbourne, Tower of Power and Toto.